Had Lower Jaw Surgery to Correct my Bite, but Not Did Move my Chin? (photo)

Hello I had lower jaw surgery to correct my overbite in 2000 but I am wondering why they didn't move a piece of my chin forward as well? It does bother me in profile shots, but I do like my smile. I have had two genioplasty consultations and one surgeon said moving my chin forward wouldn't look good. He said he would move my chin forward and down adding a piece of my hip bone in for length. The other surgeon said he could add length by the way he angled his cut? Please help I need your advice.

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Jaw surgery, chin implant and bony genioplasty- which is best?

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You have a nice and attractive smile and I agree that you could benefit from a chin procedure to add some projection to your chin in profile.  Bony chin surgery can be done with or without bone graft (can use your own bone or synthetic bone graft).  However, with a smaller amount of projection needed, as it look like in your case, a silastic chin implant is a better option in my opinion because it is less invasive, less costly, faster recovery, and reversible or removable.  I perform both procedures in my practice, depending on patient's preference and considerations for advantages and disadvantages of either options.  Good luck.

Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Genioplasty vs Chin Implant

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Your options are a  genioplasty or chin implant. Every situation is different.  Usually you can lengthen the chin by the angle of the cut performed.  Very rarely do you need to place a graft (i.e. a piece of hip bone).  IT is a relatively simple routine procedure done in an office setting or outpatient surgery.  Your other option is a chin implant which are very successful and esthetic.  This is also a relatively simple procedure.  The advantage to this is that you have more optioons in size and shape of your chin.

Brian Dorfman, MD, DMD
Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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