If Lower Jaw is Larger Than the Other Side, is Chin Also Affected or is It Only Jaw?

Are all people naturally asymmetric and is it acceptable?

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"Symmetry in nature"

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The lower jaw is very complex bone of the facial skeleton. It is the only moving bone of the Maxillofacial region. Furthermore the mandible (lower jaw) is shaped like a horseshoe where the teeth occlude with the upper jaw teeth. But then it makes a change in direction and creates the vertical component of the lower jaw (ramus) and continues to the condyle, which makes up a portion of your Temporomandibular joint 

If a person has an asymmetry of their jaw it can happen in an portion of the mandible in any combination and in any plane ( front to back, top to bottom or midline to lateral. 

What is an acceptible amount of asymmetry is highly dependant upon the patient's wants and needs. Mandibular asymmetry can be treated with combination therapy but the main treatment usually consists of bone cuts (osteotomies) and then repositioning of the jaw (and chin if necessary) and the. Applying small titanium plates and screws to hold into place   Soft tissue may also play a role in asymmetry and must be evaluated as well. I hope this helps you understand a little bit about mandibular asymmetry and possible treatments 

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