Lower Jaw Advancement Vs. Two Teeth Pulled + Chin Implant? (photo)

I've had 2 appointments with an orthodontist and am getting braces in 2 days. I will also have to either have 2 lower teeth pulled, or have a mandibular advancement. There is a 10mm displacement between my upper and lower jaws, and I dislike my profile, so the surgery sounded great to me, but my family is against it because it sounds extreme. They suggest I get the teeth pulled, and that I can always get a chin implant if I'm that unhappy with my looks. What are the pros and cons of each option?

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Short Chin and Lower Jaw Advancement Surgery

Your short chin is a classic problem of lower jaw underdevelopment. Given that you appear relatively young, I would give strong consideration to getting the definitive treatment. This would be orthodontics and then lower jaw advancement surgery. While this involves more effort, it will pay lifelong dividends for not only your appearance but lower jaw, TMJ and teeth function as well. This is not an extreme surgery and is, in fact, a routinue maxillofacial procedure. While you could do just a chin implant, and it is much easier, it will not solve your bite problem and how your lower jaw functions with long-term risk for TMJ dysfunction and pain

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