Lower Facial Liposuction?

I am relatively happy with my upper cheeks but am unhappy with the lower part of my face and would prefer a more contoured look. Both my parents have always had larger lower cheeks. I understand that lower facial liposuction is risky as there are a lot of nerves that can be damaged and dimpling may occur. I'm definitely not interested in altering my cheekbones or filling the upper part of my face. What can I do to remove the fat from my lower cheeks?

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The safest most reliable way to remove lower cheek fat is liposuction, independent of the type of liposuction (power, laser, ultrasound assisted) used. In the hands of a qualified surgeon the risk of injury to nerves in the area is quite small. If the surgeon is not too aggressive and uses blunt tipped instruments you should not get dimpling or nerve damage. However, never having seen you or pictures of you it is impossible to say if you are a candidate for lower facial liposuction.

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Lower cheeks and jawlines do great with the micro canulas.

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Liposuction of the lower cheeks and jawlines do great and can really sculpt the lower face nicely for $2500+$750 op room with the patients back to work in 1 day under local tumescent anesthesia. Sincerely,

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