Lower Eyelid Surgery 2 Weeks Post Op and Swelling is Bothering Me?

hi i had lower eyelid surgery may2012 , im now in my 2nd week the bruising has almost gone but my concern is the swelling which is bothering me . i had fillers injected about feb 2012 into my cheeks could this have any result due to the swelling not really going .around my eyes,,eyes are qiute tight..please help kind regards Australian girl.

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Lower eyelid swelling

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I would not worry at the 2 week mark...the tissue there is very "dependant" meaning fluid in the tissue is subject to the effects of gravity and tends to "pool" in the tissues.  Massage, cold compresses and time will help.  May even take a month or two for it to resolve.  If severely swollen need to see the doctor....you are supposed to have a follow up appt regardless though at the 4 week mark at least with him/her

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Swelling two weeks after blepharoplasty

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Nothing unusual to have persistent swelling 2 weeks after blepharoplasty. The periorbital soft tissues are very delicate and tend to swell up even with less manipulation than the surgery.  Keep your head elevated during sleep, gentle massage, and more time are your friends.  

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