I Had Lower Eyelid Surgery 2 week Ago and Right Eye is Drooping, Options?

my Lower right eye Lid Drooping After Lower Lid op oration and is very tight is messaging really help ?

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Lower eyelid droop

Sounds like you have lid retraction, which is a recognised problem that can happen after lower eyelid surgery. At 2 weeks postop, it would be too soon to revise it surgically to improve the lid position, especially as it often improves/resolves with time and massage. Therefore, keep up the massage and let more time pass.

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Avoid the temptation to immediately have this "fixed" by the surgeon.

This eyelid needs to heal.  That generally means time.  I personally think that message does very little for these eyelids.  The are situations that sometimes necessitate early surgical correction but generally it is best to let the eyelid heal 6 to 12 month before undertaking repair.  "Eyelid tucks"  do not work.  Shortening the eyelid will only make the eyelid worse.  These lids need to be horizontally and vertically lengthened.  Generally steroids or other agents need to be used very sparingly because the risk of eyelid atrophy.

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Lower eyelid droop

Lower eyelid droop
Lower eyelid droop, retraction of lower lid, is a known complication of lower blepharoplasty. Fortunately most early postoperative retraction cases resolve on their own. Make sure you follow up with your surgeon closely, and follow all of his advise to assure proper healing.

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