Lower Eyelid Surgery Specialist - I Am Looking for the Best

I am 35. I have always had slight eyebags. In 2007 a surgeon told me that I needed Quadrilateral conj. Blep. After surgery for 2yrs I couldn't close my left eye, had dry & watery eyes, worse eyebags, upper eyelids incision widening leaving a scar, hollowness under the bags. I am now slave to fillers which always leave a tell-tale tide/ridge and still leave a bag under right eye. I am looking for more permanent and natural looking solution. I was going to see Dr Meronk but he's retired. Help!!

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There is no single surgeon who is the "best."

Like individual patients, surgeons come in all sorts of flavors. It is essential for you to find a well trained and highly qualified surgeon with whom you harmonize. Revisional eyelid surgery is more complicated than primary eyelid surgery. Dr Meronk had a very large and popular website. This site is for sale. If another eyelid surgeon buys this site, will they be the "best"? My point is that you have to be careful in looking for a surgeon. Ideally the surgeon should devote a large portion of their practice to fixing eyelid complication. It is helpful if the surgeon is close to where you live to make follow up straight forward. Hope this helps.

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There are multiple considerations for a successful blepharoplasty surgery.

Skin, muscles, fat pads, hollow tear troughs and scars from previous surgery must all be taken into account.  A ReDo is much more difficult than an original surgery.  I would recommend getting several consultations from Skilled, experienced and will-respected eyelid surgeons who have done hundreds if not thousands of procedures.  You only get so many shots at getting this right.   Look at lots of before and after photos from each surgeon. 

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Lower Eyelid Surgery Specialist - I Am Looking for the Best

 I have performed eyelid surgery for over 20 years and published a scientific paper on the transconjunctival approach for lower eyelid surgery in the early 1990's.  From the photos, your lower eyelids have minimal excess fat in the central and medial compartments.  Your eyebrows are a bit low which make the upper eyelids appear like they have some excess skin.  The lowere yelid surgery would be done inside the eyelids and take about 30 minutes.  I would evaluate your eyebrow position before recommending anything be done to your upper eyelids.  When the eyebrows are low in women and they have skin removed, form the upper eyelids, the eyebrows can be further lowered giving a less than desired asethetic result.

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It is difficult to say who is the best

The best way to choose your doctor is to look at before/after photos.  Words mean nothing.  Who ever the best is they must have at least 20 before/after photos (with multiple views from each patient i.e. front, quarter turn and profile views) of similar problem as you are having.  If you like the after photos then your in the right place.  Also, ask to speak to one or two patients who RECENTLY (within one or 2 months ago)  had the same procedure as you to see how their results and experience has been.

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Eyelid bags and revisions

There are many anatomical reasons for lower eyelid bags and you would need a thorough exam before anyone can give you an answer. Some bags are impossible to obliterate completely (and probably not reasonable to do so anyways) and thus may cause more problems when attempt is made without in-depth analysis of your static and dynamic anatomy. I usually see a patient at least twice before deciding on a surgical treatment if at all indicated. Be cautious  of anyone giving you a quick answer.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M. D.

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Finding Best Lower Eyelid Surgeon

Expert Eyelid surgeons include Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons (ENT), and ophthalmology. There is no such thing as a "eyelid fellowship". The most critical decision to be made in achieving the best plastic surgical result is picking the most experienced and talented, that is the best, plastic surgeon possible. Too often, patients choose a physician based on a catchy ad, the brand name of a technique, the basis of one or two before and after photos, or their web site’s search engine ranking. These criteria will not find the most experienced and talented plastic surgeon. See the below link on how I would research the identity of the best plastic surgeon for your eyelid surgery.

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Structural fat grafting of the eye area

I'm sorry you had this result from eyelid surgery. I see so many people with over-aggressive blepharoplasty surgeries and browlifts.  The good news is that this can be improved. Take a look at my fat grafting gallery to see some results.  Structural fat grafting can help with hollow areas and give you a more natural looking appearance. I would suggest that you discontinue the use of any other filler around the eye area.

Avoid a plastic surgeon who will over-fill this area. You may be trading one problem for another.

View many, many before and after photos as a way to start your search for the surgeon who is best for you. Carefully check the background, training and experience of any plastic surgeon you are considering. Additionally, learn about their surgical team and the facility where surgery will be performed.

Michael Law, MD
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