Lower Eyelid Surgery Complications/scarring? (photo)

let me try this again.... one year ago I had lower eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and fat under my eyes. As a result i had assymetry and pretty bad scarring on one eye ONLY.(pic 1) I had a revision done for the scarring which produced some type of unknown cyst or mass .(pic 2). This has cleared after 3 different antibiotics and 2 more surgeries ( pic 3).and seems to be healing finally. What can be done in the future, near and far, to minimize this scarring? more surgery, CO2.....? .

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Scarring after eyelid surgery.

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It will take at least six months for the eyelid skin to heal.  I would be very conservative at this point.....Thanks  Dr. Boxrud

Santa Monica Oculoplastic Surgeon

Scarring after eyelid surgery

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yes laser can be effective for reducing scars but at this point I would definitely give the wound at least six months to heal before any further intervention.

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