Lower Eyelid Retraction Surgery overcorrection revision.

Lower eyelid operated on 4 months ago to fix a 1mm retraction due to trauma. Graft (roof of mouth) was used lengthen eyelid. I feel like it was overcorrected and/or it looks more unnatural because one side of my right lower eyelid is still in the same position while the end of it is pulled up (graft only affected one side). I want it down 1mm. Options? Doctor claims that due to scar tissue results unpredictable? How intrusive will the surgery be/risks? Risks high compared to original surgery?

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A photograph would be very helpful to answer this question.

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Your surgeon is absolutely correct that small fixed are unpredictable.  The overall accuracy of these surgeries is not as precise as your ability to discern difference.  For this reason, individuals with body dysmorphic disorder often have a great deal of dissatisfaction with the results of these procedure.  I think it is fair to say that these surgeries are accurate plus or minus one millimeter.  Now that does not stop us from trying to make things perfect.  It is just that no one can guarantee a result will be spot on because of limitations in the precision of how the eyelid heals.  Then there are hard palate grafts and there are hard palate grafts.  This is more art work than science.  Revision the existing hard palate graft may be a matter of taking the lower eyelid apart and replacing the existing graft.  Trimming the existing graft may not get the job done.  Ultimately there is no substitute for a personal consultation to assess precisely what is going on.  Generally it is best to wait a full 6 to 12 months before considering more surgery.  You are almost there.

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