Lower Eyelid Retraction surgery over correction?

Hi it's 3 months post op of my "Lower Eyelid Lengthening via Spacer Graft" surgery. Doctor used a graft from the roof of my mouth to correct eyelid retraction on one eye. I feel like it's overcorrected slightly (too high up). What are the options? is this correctable? Is the surgery used to pull the eyelid down again major or high risk? Thank you.

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If your surgeon is experienced, they should be able to revise this to your liking.

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Generally this approach is very good for lengthening the lower eyelid.  However, it is still an aesthetic procedure.  This means that thought and care is needed to design the shape of the hard palate graft.  Some surgeons make essentially no effort to shape the lower eyelid spacer graft.  This can lead to over correction.  The graft can be adjusted at a second procedure but yes, this involves additional surgery. 

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Over correction

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It is difficult to know if your repair is overcorrected without photos.  It is likely not going to change much at this time (3 months) but I would not rush into any correction if it is subtle until at least 6 months.  Scars do have a tendency to contract. Your surgeon is probably the best person to assess this.

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