Lower Eyelid Retraction From Previous Surgery- Options to Fix It? (photo)

I have a small amount of retraction in my right eye from previous surgery. A procedure was done to tighten the eye at the corner to pull it up. This helped but I'm still off about half a millimeter. Is a spacer or graft an option for this at such a small amount, with accuracy? My concern would be over correction.

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Lower lid retraction

You are correct that lower lid retraction surgery with space graft would likely be needed.  Undercorrection, rather than overcorrection is more common. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Yes, it can be done.

As you mentioned, the amount of retraction is definitely subtle, but an experienced surgeon can titrate the amount of lift based on the type of spacer graft used. I think you would be a great candidate for a "tarsal switch" procedure:  harvesting a small 3-4 mm high tarsus graft from the upper eyelid and placing it on the back surface of the lower eyelid.

As this is a cosmetic procedure, insurance would not cover it, unfortunately.

Best of luck

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