Lower Eyelid Drooping-would a Revision Make It Worse or Better?

I have had numerous surgeries to fix the lower lid of my right eye and now the scar tissue has built up so much that every time I open my mouth, my lower lid gets pulled down. My eye is starting to get very sore from being exposed. A surgeon said that he could try putting in a sclera graft to try to create some slack and then pull my lid up. He also said it could make things worse.I know it's not fair to ask but what are the success rates of this type of surgery? Is it too risky?

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Eyelid scarring

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Lower eyelid scarring is one of the most difficult complications to correct. The eyelid skin has to remain soft and supple to function properly, and any scarring can undermine this.  In order to answer this question, one would need to examine which layer of the eyelid is scarred and needs to be lengthened.  In my experience, grafts from the ear cartilage or hard palate are longer lasting than material not from your own body, most of which get absorbed within a few months from surgery. The success rates depend directly on how you've responded to surgery in the past and what specific technique is used, and there are many.

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