Can Lower Eye Lids Fat Injection Be Remover by Liposuction?

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Fat Graft Removal Procedure in Palo Alto, California

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So now you have had your very successful fat transfer and you do not like the results.  What is there to do?   First and foremost be patient.  Fat transfer procedures to the cheeks, orbital area, lower eyelid zone of orbit, upper eyelid zone of orbit, cheekbones, temples, nasolabial folds, upper lips, lower lips, and mandibular grooves must all be treated differently.    I would do absolutely no surgery for at least 6 months and possibly a year.  Fat grafts lose about 50% of volume even with modern stem cell rich layer use.  So what you don't like today you may love in 6 months.   Recovery from fat transfer is a long and tedious process.   Fat grafting increases face lift recovery from 2 to 3 weeks.   So you must be patient.  Let me explain the fat transfer process of 2012.   Fat is harvested in mutually agreed upon layers which must look perfect at the end.   The fat is collected in special containers and companies such as Vaser  Sound Surgical are at the absolutel front line of modern technology.  If its done by , is perfect.  So after the fat is collected it is centrifuged at a special speed for a specific time and then there are actually 4 layers.  The very top layer is oil and not useful yet.  The next layer is fat (fat floats on blood and saline) .   The fat layer has the stem cell rich zone in the bottom 25% of the layer.  This stem cell rich layer is taken and prepared in one cc syringes and then injected with many passes for each cc.  Some surgeons feel the right number is 100 passes in tissue for each cc.  Tim Marten,MD of San Francisco recommends this and Tim's results are the best  I have ever seen.   This is called a snowstorm technique for spreading  fat cells in all layers from bone to just below the skin.   All is very gentle but the resultant fact is there is often considerable bruising.  No problem because bruising always gos.   After the snowstorm the little stem cells go to work and give lovely filling results. This all takes time for recovery.  Do all the stem cells survive?  No but more than 50%  do survive and possibly more.  The stem cells are wonderful and even the skin in treated areas looks better.  The reason for this is not absolutely known but is simply  called the stem cell effect.   So the healing progresses, and you must use sunscreen all the time and a big hat.   You can go back to work in 2 weeks with makeup.     You are not ready for your daughter's wedding photos for at least 6 to 10 weeks realistically.   But in the end fat stems cell transplantation is great.  I have never had a patient that wanted it out in 6 weeks .  Some people panic early but in the end worry if enough will stay.   So to answer your question, I can suggest very dilute steroid injected in tiny doses if a certain area is obvious full at 6 weeks, at the earliest.   At  6 months micro liposuction could be considered but I have never had a request to do it.  But it could be done.   Be patient.  I bet in the long run you will worry about not enough staying put.   Remember the stem cells from fat are wonderful.  Talk to your doctor.  I do a fair amount of hand holding in the early weeks.  You will be fine.  My Best,  Dr C

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