Lower Eye Bag Removal. Is Vaseline Okay For Scarring Around Eyes?

can anyone tell me if vasilene is good for scarring around eyes, just two weeks post op,

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Scarring after Blepharoplasty

Scarring only two weeks out from blepharoplasty is not abnormal, and so it's hard to say how exactly these areas will look in a few months. But for now, vaseline is an appropriate agent to keep the area moist, as moist skin heals the best. However, make sure you wash the area gently with soap and water first, and apply the vaseline with a clean Q-tip, to avoid infection. 

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Treatment of lower eyelid scarring

I have not known vaseline to be effective in treating scars. If you are looking to treat a scar, a good option is the use of silicone containing scar gels which can be used 2 weeks after surgery. You must be careful not to get the gel in your eyes, however. There are many products that contain silicone but not all have the proper dosage so please check with your plastic surgeon when selecting a silicone product as over the counter products may not be the correct option. Also, since you are not two weeks out from surgery, it may be too early for you to be forming scars. I recommend you have your surgeon take a look at your incisions before you use any scar product.

Anita Mandal, MD
Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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