Possible to Lower Crease and Make It Less Hooded?

Overall, I want my crease lowered, but also the skin on my eyelids overlap each other by a lot, which when I tilt my head back there's so much space. Is it possible to lower the crease and make it less overlapped. Maybe like make a new incision, take some skin, add some fat, take away fat? Also, how bad will the scarring be? I don't want like the "pulled back" look and fake looking. When I look down, will my scar be extremely fake and obvious? My scar right now is pretty faint.

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Lower crease in Asian blepharoplasty and ptosis

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What you seem to have is called ptosis for one. This is when the eyelid margin is lower and you show less of your iris, or colored part of the eye. This procedure to pull up the eyelid margin is tricky and it is hard to make them completely even. But if done it will enhance your results and the appearance of your eye. Also your crease will be lowered as well. I would consider the ptosis surgery and then see how the fold looks. You may not need to removed skin.

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Your analysis is good.

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Overall addressing the upper eyelid ptosis will effectively lower the eyelid crease.  However, this can not be accomplished without also removing some upper eyelid skin.  This skin needs to be removed very precisely below the eyelid crease.  The goal of this is a tight upper eyelid platform that supports the upper eyelid lashes by anchoring the platform skin and orbicularis oculi muscle to the levator aponeurosis-classic anchor blepharoplasty.  In looking for a surgeon to perform this, it is important to understand that this type of result cannot be achieved with DST.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Lowering the asian eyelid crease and droopy eyes

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You eyelid crease can be lowered by raising the eyelid itself.  Often times I can accomplish this without cutting the skin on the outside.  What I would do is a repair of your droopy eyelids from the inside of your eyelid.  Once this is done your crease will be lower, your eyelid edge will be up a bit, and your eyes will be bigger and brighter.  Have you had surgery before?  That can make some difference but not that much in your case.  You would need a good evaluation before going forward with any other surgery.  You would also want to wait at least 6 months after any surgery you may have had on your eyes, if you have had any.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

Chase Lay, MD
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