Lower Cheek Liposuction?

i have chubby cheeks but a nice face structure its not like a square jaw, but i have chubby cheeks and i want to have high cheek bones and remove fat along the lower part of my cheeks but something more drastic than buccal fat what place would be good for undergoing this procedure i live in california but if i have to go out of state thats fine too i just hate how my body isnt overweight im 120 but my face makes me look fat! tried losing weight and they didnt change one bit.

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Lower Cheek Liposuction

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In general, you don't want to liposuction the face, especially the cheek area.  Liposuction of the jowl can be done but is typically not seen in a younger patient.  Buccal fat removal is often a more predictable procedure and will create less asymmetry than liposuction of the face.  

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