Lower Cheek Bump Looks More Like a Welt and is a Little Raised. (Visible) 4 Weeks After my SMAS Lift. Normal?

I know that lumps and bumps are normal, but I have what looks more like a welt.. somewhat red around the border and raised. It's on my lower cheek. I had skin necrosis and now worry about fat necrosis. Is this normal? I am aware of it (feels like a lump) without even touching it.. almost has a ring worm look. Help?

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Bump after SMAS facelift

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Hard to say anything without photos. You are too early to make any statements about long term results. There will be swelling, but one has to also look for fluid accumulation, etc. Best to inform your surgeon about your concerns. Together you will make a plan to get through the post operative course.

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Lower Cheek Bump Looks More Like a Welt and is a Little Raised. (Visible) 4 Weeks After my SMAS Lift. Normal?

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In a situation like yours, it is best to go back to your plastic surgeon to discuss what is going on. Because there are a number of things that could be causing the bump it is important to get an in person evaluation.

Red bump after a facelift.

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Hi ittybit.  It is hard to give a meaningful opinion without pictures and more information about your surgery.  I suggest to see let your plastic surgeon examine you and give you advice. Good luck

Lewis Ladocsi, MD, FACS
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Facelift Bump

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I think the most important thing to mention in this situation is to show your treating surgeon. there are many causes of raised bumps after a facelift. It may be related to the surgery or it may just be a coincidence. the only way you can really tell and feel confident you have nothing to worry about is to contact your surgeon. Its very difficult to give an ideal opinion without really seeing it. The fact that it is four weeks later, likely means it is nothing serious, but you should really determine this with your surgeon. 

I think this is the best advice one can give in this situation. I hope you get it solved quickly. 

James Bonaparte, MD, MSc, FRCSC
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