Can I Get Lower Butt Liposuction (photo)?

I had butt injections (not too much) long time ago. I havent had any complications, lumps or bumps. It is too big for my body and I would like to have it made smaller. I would like to make my butt half the size of what is in the picture, mainly the lower area. Is is possible to perm a liposuction of the lower area and make it smaller? I am looking forward to have this procedure done within a month or two. If you are a doctor located in california, please respond to this as soon as possible. thx

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Buttock liposuction

In general, liposuction of the buttock should be approached with much conservatism as to avoid creating irregularity to the skin surface.  In your case it also depends on what your buttock was injected with years ago.  If it was injected with silicone, it may be nearly impossible to suction this mateial out especially if it has turned hard.  Your next step should be to arrange an actual consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in buttock augmentation/surgery so that an exam can finally detemine whether liposuction or something else can be done to reduce the lower part of your buttock.  Glad to help...RAS

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Buttock contouring

The buttock can be contoured through gentle wave body contouring. This can achieve a smaller, more contoured shape.

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