Lower Breast Turning Reddish 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Reduction? (photo)

I just noticed within the past 24 hours that my left breast has turned very reddish from my nipple under. It's not in pain and doesn't exactly feel hot to the touch but I still don't have much pain in it. I did have a very large breast reduction surgery done. I know my skin will get dry but I don't remember anyone saying anything about this. It doesn't hurt but I have had some pains I've just chaulked up to having a massive surgery 3 weeks ago and still a lot of healing to do.

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Lower Breast Turning Reddish 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Reduction?

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This should be seen immediately by your chosen surgeon. To rule out infection, cellulitis, dermatitis, abscess. Please seek care ASAP!

There may be some non-viable fat

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Its certainly difficult to know from the photo and even your plastic surgeon will not be able to tell with certainty.  If you do not have drainage of any kind, no fevers, etc I suspect your plastic surgeon will just keep a close eye on you and place you on some oral antibiotics.  It sounds like you may be experiencing hyperemia, which is an increase in blood supply to the skin of the area in question.  This may occur when there is some fat that is struggling in terms of blood supply.  If this is the case the fate may become a source of infection or your body may be able to deal with it and resolve the issue.  Have your plastic surgeon take a look at it and keep a close eye on it in case he/she needs to go back in and remove some of the tissue/wash everything out.

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Redness of the lower breast after reduction

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New onset redness could suggest an infection among several things. It is best to see your surgeon to be properly evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Redness 3 weeks after breast reduction

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This is not a normal result at three weeks. It could be anything from skin sloughing to an infection, including cellulitis. See your plastic surgeon immediately.

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