Lower Body Lift and Seroma?

Hi, I had a lower body lift 2 weeks ago. I had the drains out this past Friday, and by Sunday I noticed fluid collecting in my lower abdominal/pubic area. I went in to the surgeon today, and he tried to drain it, but could not get to the pocket that held the fluid. He tried for over half hour, but the fluid would not come out. He put in a small drain in the hopes that the seroma may find the drain on it's own. Does this sound right? I've never heard of a Dr. not being able to drain it.Help

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Lower Body Lift and Seroma?

If the seroma is small, it is not always possible to find it without some guidance, such as ultrasound. It is also possible that this is swelling and not free fluid, though that seems less likely by the timing.

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Hello, Getting a seroma is normal after surgery, sometimes is hard to get to it. I would keep in contact with your Doctor.

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Sometimes it is difficult to find the seroma pocket.  If the seroma continues to enlarge, then he may have a better chance during a follow up a few days later.  If the seroma collection persists, then I would definitely consider a drain versus opening the incision to let the seroma drain. I would follow up with my surgeon in a few days. 

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If indeed you have a fluid collection, and your surgeon could not drain it in the office, then I would recommend placement of a drain (similar to what you likely had after your initial procedure).  It sounds like your surgeon already placed a drain.  Best of luck!

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