Lower Body Lift and Buttock Auto Augmentation Questions? (photo)

I had an lower body lift with auto buttock augmentation 3 weeks ago. I ve already asked a question about the swelling but now i want to know if the skin in the lower back is also seperated from the muscle during the operation. And my second question is, i hate this buttock augmentation stuff, it just looks like love handles and my hips look huuuge. Mx question is, when i loose some weight, will the augmented area shrink? because its just my own fat as far as i know. Thx!

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Lower Body Lift and Buttock Auto Augmentation Questions?

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It is too hard to tell from the photo.  Your own fat that is used for augmentation will change with your weight changes.  As far as the techniques used by your surgeon, you will have to address that with him or her.  Best wishes.

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Lower Body Lift and Buttock Auto Augmentation Questions?

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Would be happy to answer but the poorly posted photos severely limits any response forth coming. Please re post photos 

LBL questions

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These questions really need to be shared with your PS.   your plastic surgeon knows they technique that was used the best and he/she is the best person to address your concerns.  Your are only 3 weeks after your surgery so you are likely very swollen.  Please follow your plastic surgeons instructions for postoperative care and compression therapy.  Best wishes.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

Lower Body Lift and Buttock Auto Augmentation

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The first question should be addressed to your surgeon, who will know the particular technique that was used in your operation. The second question is tough to answer without a photo to look at. But it is your fat, yes, and it will shrink some with weight loss. But there is also lots of swelling that occurs with this procedure, and once that resolves you may well be pleased with the outcome.

Thanks for your questions, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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