Lower Blepheroplasty Ridge Under Scar? (photo)

I recently had a lump removed from my cheek after a mid face lift 1.8 years ago. The surgeon cut in under my eye my like a bleph I believe. It's now 3 weeks post op and a ridge has formed under the scar - looks like a big wrinkle. My lower lid is also drooping and numb. I'm not really being given answers at the moment. Back to surgeon in 3/52 but I'm worried I'm only 33 and the mid face lift had caused this. Will this correct itself or can it be corrected by a surgeon.

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Blepharoplasty Scar

After a surgical procedure or injury, humans heal by scar.  This is our "glue" that seals the edges of the incision or wound together.  The body puts down scar initially more rapidly.  When biological signals indicate that healing is sufficient, the scar is softened and matures to be less noticeable.  You are in the scar proliferation phase so it is normal to feel a "healing ridge" under the scar.  This should improve with time.  Follow up with your operating surgeon to have your concerns addressed.

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Photograph inadequate for evaluation.

I can't tell from photograph if there is any problem. However three weeks after an operation there will be some contour abnormalities. You may want to repost with a better photograph.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Need more time for swelling resolve

It is still early in your post operative recovery phase. I would give this more time to resolve.  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon , Dr. Z 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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