What Is Your Advice For A Lower Blepharoplasty Scar (pics)?

I had a lower blepharoplasty performed 8 month ago and there is a visible deep scar under my left eye. In the outer area of my right eye there are small bumps one of which looks like a suture that hasn't dissolved. Also my bags seem uneven. I would appreciate your advice and opinion. My PS suggests to give it some more time. Thank you.

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Eyelid incisions

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It is difficult to see the extent of the scars, but always best to wait a year before performing any scar revision.  There is residual fat herniation in the lower lids especially the lateral pocket in both eyes.  The residual fat can be removed from an incision on the inside of the eyelids(transconjunctival approach)

Waiting up to a year...

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Waiting for up to a year is a good idea as scars can continue to improve. But depending on how raised or depressed a scar is, at 8 months one might be able to determine whether further waiting is necessary.
Unfortunately, I cannot see your photos on this post for some reason, so I cannot give you any further advice.

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The Key Is Camouflage

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I am sorry you are having some issues after your surgery.  The scar under your eye will continue to improve up to one year after surgery.  I would continue to let it heal.


I see your uneven "bags".  Looking at your picture, you appear to have a lost volume in your cheeks.  That volume loss is one of the main reason you are have the appearance of your bags. I would build up your cheek area with either fillers or fat transfer to your face.  That would give you beautiful cheeks and blend with your "bags" to make a significant improvement.  


I hope this helps!

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