Had Lower Bleph but Still Have Bags, Is 1 Week Post-Op too Soon to Worry? (photo)

I had transconjuctival lower bleph with fat transfer one week ago. I haven't had much bruising or swelling. The majority bags and puffiness are gone but it looks like I still have bags? The surgeon said it was just bruising and will go away. Is it too soon to worry? Any suggestions. Thanks

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Yes, it is too soon to worry. Get yourself some time to heal.

It takes time for the tissues to heal and for the swelling to go down.  Give it some time and follow all of the instructions your surgeon has given you.  If you continue to be concerned after  a few more weeks, check back with your doctor.

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Lower Blepharoplasty for Under Eye Bags

Swelling can last for months after eyelid surgery. At my practice in New York, if a patient is concerned about a fat pocket remaining after blepharoplasty, I recommend to wait at least a month before considering additional surgery for bags beneath the eyes. After the proper recovery period, consult with your cosmetic surgeon.

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Had Lower Bleph but Still Have Bags, Is 1 Week Post-Op too Soon to Worry?

 Absolutely...too soon at 1 week post lower eyelid surgery to worry about results.  Swelling etc at this point but if you're concerned speak with your plastic and cosmetic surgeon.  Give yourself a month or two too fully heal IMHO.

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Had Lower Bleph but Still Have Bags, Is 1 Week Post-Op too Soon to Worry?

Thanks for posting photos. You are correct VERY early to be so concerned! Have you discussed this with the operative surgeon? ALWAYS ask the range for healing in time. 

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Transconjunctival bleph and fat

At one week, you are most likely still swollen and so it would be difficult to say whether you would need a revision.

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Residual swelling one week after lower lid blephs

You images look great for one week after a transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty.  It is not unusual for the swelling to take a month or so to fully dissipate after surgery. The swelling is more apparent in the mornings and improve during the course of the day when you are up.  Hang in there!

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Bags after Blepharoplasty

I agree with previous posts, hard to tell if this is remaining swelling or remaining "bags". You do have a nice improvement. Be patient, I would wait 6-8 weeks, to see some changes.



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Gosh, it looks pretty good for 1 week.

It is already a nice improvement.  You are still clearly swollen.  I recommend being patient and focusing on healing.  The nice thing is that in a few more days, I suspect that very few people will know you just had surgery.  These things do take time.  Judge the surgery based on how you look 2 months after surgery on 7 day out.  I don't think you have much to worry about based on these photos.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Persistent fullness after lower blepharoplasty

Its difficult to comment without knowing exactly what you had done. What was done through the transconjunctival approach? was periorbital fat removed? was the arcs marginalia released? was there fat repositioning? where was the fat transferred to? its unusual to have a skin sparing bleph. procedure and autologus fat transfer to the infraorbital rim or tear trough deformity. What you are noticing may be the transferred fat. Ultimately, at one week, it is too early to determine your final results. It will take at least 4-6 weeks and sometime 3 months before you can appreciate the final result of blepharoplasty. I recommend giving this some time to heal and follow up with your surgeon and comply with the post-op instructions. Any touch up if necessary, will frequently be delayed until at least 3 months after surgery.

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1 week post-op lower bleph with fat

With fat enhancement, one week is too early to tell the final result, as there can still be significant swelling.  Very gentle lymphatic massage may help reduce swelling.   

Patrick Flaharty, MD
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