CoolSculpting candidate? (Photo)

This is the second time in asking this question... For some reason my pics didn't upload last time. My derm says I'd be perfect for cool sculpting on my abdomen with the large applicator. I have no other dr near me to do a consult with for a second opinion and I've seen other Drs tell patients they were perfect until after the procedure didn't work for them. Does my body actually seem a good candidate for this or should I pursue other options? Thanks!

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Great Candidate!

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Based on the photos you provided it appears that you are a great candidate for Cool Sculpting.  You would benefit from lower abdomen treatment.  Good luck!

Best candidates for Coolsculpting have fat that can be effectively treated with an applicator

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Your photos are helpful, but its impossible to provide a valuable opinion without examining your abdominal fat and quality of your skin overlying the area you want treated. There are many effective options for fat reduction the key is which procedure will provide the best approach to contouring abdomen. I strongly recommend that you have a consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can help you understand all of your options, so that you can better understand which fat reduction and body contouring procedure will meet your expectations. Good luck 

Good candidate for CoolSculpting

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Thank you for the photos! You do appear to be a good candidate for CoolSculpting.  You should expect less pinchable fat in the treatment areas.  Best wishes.

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CoolSculpting is designed for people who want to eliminate fat bulges

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The CoolSculpting is designed for people who want to eliminate fat bulges in specific areas. It is not a weight loss solution (unlike weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass). People who choose CoolSculpting often want a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Good candidates for the CoolSculpting procedure have noticeable fat bulges in certain areas. you appear to be a great candidate.

Neel Kanase, MD
Amarillo Physician

CoolSculpting candidate?

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Thanks for your question. You appear to be a great candidate for CoolSculpting. The large applicator is called the CoolMax and you would benefit from a lower abdomen treatment. 

Yes, You Look Like a Good Candidate

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From the photos, it appears that you would be a great candidate for CoolSculpting. You can obtain up to a 25% reduction in the area treated. The handpiece uses suction in order to draw the skin in between the cooling plates. The more skin that is drawn into the handpiece, the better the result that you will obtain. There is also a slight amount of skin shrinkage associated with the treatment. It appears that you should see an improvement with the treatment — but of course, nothing can be guaranteed. Thanks, and good luck!

Coolscupting and Abdomen

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You appear to be an excellent candidate for Coolsculpting in the abdominal area.  It will be a one hour treatment and the results will appear in about 4 months.  Please keep us posted.  Best, Dr. Green

Consultation is key

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Your photos suggest that you may be a good candidate for Coolsculpting, however, it is really ideal to have an in person consultation to determine your best options and to ensure your goals and expectations will be met.


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I appreciate your question.
The large applicator would work on the lower abdomen and the smaller ones on the sides/love handles

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

best of luck!

Dr Schwartz

Cool Sculpting Results

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Although it is impossible to tell from a picture and you need a physical examination to know for sure, the pictures appear to show a very good candidate for coolsculpting

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