I Love my 2 Weeks Post Op Picture What Can Be Done to Get my Breast Back the Way They Looked Before?

before getting implants my breast were sagging and surgeon said that my new implant were gonna filled all this excess skin at the top of my chest,My implants were placed over the muscle,if I go back and get them placed under the muscle, would this fix my concern, I'd like to have them higher and perky without getting breast lift and big scaring...so far my surgeon said bigger implants and some type of a wire that get placed under implant to keep it from going downward

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Bigger implants are never the right answer for sagging breasts

If you have sagging breasts, it is your body's way of indicating that the skin of your breasts is not strong enough to support the weight of your breasts. Adding more weight in the form of bigger implants will only exacerbate the situation. I think that your only viable options are to have a capsulorrhaphy procedure to try to raise the existing implant or to undergo a breast lift procedure that effectively uses internal suturing techniques to improve the shape of the breasts. (vertical breast lift)

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