Wound dehiscence on incision line. Opinions? (Photos)

12 days post op from a breast revision. I have silicone implants from my first breast augmentation 3 years ago. My sutures were removed one week post op. Now I am noticing that my right breast incision has opened. The medial portion of the incision line has separated. I have have appointment with my PS- just want to get opinions and suggestions for healing of my incision.

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Wound separation

The separation appears superficial in the photo and should heal well. However, your surgeon needs to examine you to make certain of this.

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Incision issue

I agree with you, you need to review this with your surgeon in person. He is the best one to examine the wound and create an appropriate medical plan.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Wound separation

I can see from the photo what you're concerned about. As long as it's only the skin that separated, and the breast implant is not showing, then in my opinion, I would let the wound close on its own. Your plastic surgeon can suggest which scar nurturing protocol would work best. If several  months pass, and the scar still looks different than the remaining scar, I would then revise it  under local anesthesia. Follow up with your chosen plastic surgeon is recommended. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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