What would be the best treatment to reduce the deep, many wrinkles especially on the lower part of my face. (photos)

I just turned 58. I would like to know if laser or injections would help. I have a small upper lip. And what are the costs?

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Reduce wrinkles

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Based on the photo you submitted I would suggest you could get significant benefit from:

1. Botox to the glabella (between your eyes), 2. Restylane under your eyes, in the nasolabial folds, lips and marrionette lines, 3. resurfacing either with laser or chemical peel.

Hope this helps.

Santa Monica Dermatologist

Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Thank you for your question. Laser skin resurfacing can remove facial wrinkles and deep lines around the mouth and eyes. The ideal patient for skin resurfacing has fair, healthy, non-oily skin. Always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You may be a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing combined with injectable fillers.

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Judging from your photos, you could benefit from laser skin resurfacing to help smooth away the lines and wrinkles in your mouth and chin area, as well as reduce the appearance of any sun damage. If you’re bothered by the size of your upper lip, laser skin resurfacing can be combined with injectable fillers to give you a subtle boost of volume for a more youthful look. I would suggest scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to get a more detailed assessment of which treatment options might be most appropriate for your needs and goals. Best of luck!

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What to do?

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Personally, I think your best options for non-surgical options for the brown spots and wrinkles are either chemical peel (TCA or Hetter) or laser resurfacing.

Microneedling or RF treatments would be less effective.

What's the best treatment for facial wrinkles and brown spots?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photo. You would benefit from Erbium laser skin resurfacing and PRP with Microneedling (Vampire Facelift). This combination would improve your wrinkles, brown spots and sun damage. Make an appointment with an experienced facial surgeon for comprehensive evaluation and proper guidance.  Good luck,

Lower face wrinkles

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I think you have a few options for the deeper lower face wrinkles-  either a facelift/ mini facelift, laser resurfacing of lower face (will need 2-3 treatments), or a non-invasive skin tightening like INFINI.  

CO2 Laser Resurfacing and/or Mini-Facelift would offer significatn improvement

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Depending on what you mean by deep wrinkles, either CO2 laser, or a mini-facelift would offer an excellent solution. Laser improves the skin tone and texture, while mini-facelift lifts and tightens deeper folds. We charge $3.600 for full face CO2 laser resurfacing and $5,400 for mini-facelift.

Daniel Lensink, MD
Redding Oculoplastic Surgeon
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CO2 laser resurfacing is the gold standard for reducing facial wrinkles.

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Hello, Thank you for your question. I have been in practice for over 13 years and prior to that I completed a four year Otolaryngolgy/Facial Plastic Surgery residency, where I personally performed at least 100 full face CO2 laser resurfacing procedures. The best answer to your question would be full face CO2 laser resurfacing. In order to achieve the best result, you must prepare your skin for this rewarding procedure. 6-8 weeks prior to surgery you must refrain from significant sun exposure and use at least 2 creams, tretinoin (Rerin-A) as well as hydroquinone. Using these creams helps achieve a more even result as well as helps to prevent post-operative complications. In addition, while many doctors have CO2 lasers in there office or a similar wavelength. I feel very strongly that in order to achieve the correct depth of skin vaporization, the procedure must be performed under general anesthesia. Otherwise, when the laser hits the skin, no matter what local anesthetic techniques are utilized, it will be too painful to achieve the best result. Only when the laser hits the skin is it painful. Post-operatively, it is not painful except some mild to moderate burning sensation for about an hour after surgery. CO2 laser applied to the facial skin will remove the entire epidermis and a portion of the dermis. During the initial healing, about 10 days, the patient will grow fresh, new skin that will de mostly devoid of wrinkles similar to yours. The cost can be anywhere from 3,000 to 5000 dollars. Fillers serve their purpose but are temporary and you would require many syringes of filler to fill your lines and it is just not the best treatment for filing many facial lines  the cost will ultimately be about the same for fillers and the result will be 6-9 months compared to many years using the CO2 laser. See a surgeon that is very familiar with CO2 resurfacing, just as you would do when selecting a surgeon for any potential procedure.

Erbium Laser and filler

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Laser skin resurfacing of the full face will help soften wrinkles and help with the existing sun damage. You can expect about a full week of recovery. Depending on the intensity that you want,my patients usually take off work or work from home during that time. Then you could consider fillers in the lips after your laser recovery.  

Facial wrinkles

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MiXto CO2 Laser resurfacing is a great option (price varies by region of the country and extent of treatment - but you would get a lot of improvement for the cost). The patented hand piece delivers the treatment in a Z-pattern which is more comfortable than sequential delivery systems. This can be done with or without sedation using topical anesthetic cream and selective nerve blocks in an office setting. The social down time with optimal treatment is 5-7 days and the recovery is comfortable with little or no risk of infection and scarring. Maintenance of your new skin is important as the photo-aging process will continue. Sun precautions and skin care products (anti-oxidants, moisturizer, sun screen, retinols) are a must. If you are a smoker - this will affect your healing and cause continued aging of the skin. I would recommend Laser resurfacing first, followed by filler, but they could be done at the same time. A pass of OPL (CynoSure Icon MaxG) could be done prior to MiXto - or later as a maintenance treatment of pigment and vessels. Radiofrequency (Pelleve) is an alternative with no down time, but produces only temporary results and requires multiple treatments (much less "bang for the buck"). Often you can find physicians who have "package deals" or specials... Best wishes with your decisions!

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