Is it my supervisor & coworkers business???

I want to get breast implants badly. What has held me back from a consultation is wondering if it's really my supervisor & coworkers business what I'm getting done. I really don't want to tell. Since its for cosmetic reasons & not a health issue, I'm worried I may not get time off for something I want. Is it their business & what should I do if I don't get the time off I need to get the procedure and heal?

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Cosmetic Surgery is Your Business Alone

The decision to have cosmetic surgery and actually having it done is your decision alone and your business alone. You don't need to tell anyone unless you want to and you wish to share it with them. It is a personal decision and no one else should influence your decision other than your surgeon and his/her recommendations.For the best results seek the consultation of a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. They have a website listing all the certified plastic surgeons. Members of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will all be board certified in plastic surgery and have demonstrated an interest and special skill in cosmetic plastic surgery as well.

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Is it my supervisor & coworkers business?

It is nobody's business to know your medical decisions unless you want them to know. The challenge is to get the amount of time off from work to recover. You can save your vacation and PTO days for the period suggested by your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon may even write a note that you had surgery, but not mention what surgery you had. You do not have to tell your supervisor or coworkers what procedure you have had either.

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Is it my supervisor & coworkers business???

What procedure you want to have specifically is most certainly not the business of anyone you don't want to tell. Whether they will give you time off or not will depend on your workplace policies. If they will not give you time off for medical reasons then I suppose you would have to use vacation days. Best of luck!

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Privacy issues with cosmetic surgery

This is a very delicate matter and needs to be handled correctly. In 1996 Congress passed HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Part of this plan is the following;  "requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information".  What this means is that your medical information is private and only you and your health care provider are entitled to that information unless you agree to release it.Of course there are exceptions, if you want your health insurance to cover the cost of a procedure or if you are filing for disability or extended time off from your job, they are going to ask specific questions about your procedure and what you had performed.  If your job requires heavy manual labor or repetitive motion with your arms, then you may need short term disability.  That form will make you spell out exactly what procedure you are undertaking.  If you do not want to reveal that information, just take time off without pay or cash in vacation time.Fortunately, breast implant surgery is a quick recovery and most people are back to work without short term disability and health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery.  So, what do you tell your boss?  Well, you do not want to lie to them, because that will eventually back fire, but you don't have to tell them the whole story.  What we have found that works quite well is to tell your co-workers and boss you will need time off for "female surgery".  Of course, any operation that you have performed is "female surgery" unless you are a male (than that would be male surgery!).  They will assume that this involves surgery on your "private parts" or that you have some type of cancer, they WILL NOT ask details about what type of surgery, and you are not telling them anyway.  They will be very sympathetic and ask if you are "all right" and is there anything they can do to help, like take care of your kids or pets, prepare meals, etc.  Again, don't lie, tell them you are going to be all right and this is something that has needed to be performed for quite a while (of course, you have wanted this forever!), and is not cancer.  End of story.In the meantime, start wearing padded bras or start stuffing your bras with filler so the transition will not be noticeable.  If the weather is cold where you live, after the surgery wear large baggy tops and keep your chest covered.  Eventually, people will forget about your "female surgery" and won't even notice the bump in size of your breasts, and frankly don't really care.  We all think people are staring at all our body parts all the time (this is called body image), but they really aren't and usually don't notice changes in body shape.  Another very good diversion is to change either your hair style or color dramatically, right after the surgery, and people will focus on that and not even notice your chest.I hope this is helpful, these are ideas that I have formulated and used successfully over 30 years of performing cosmetic procedures.

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Is it my supervisor & coworkers business???

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your decision to pursue a breast augmentation.  Other than the need to figure out whether you can have PTO or time off for a cosmetic procedure, you need not tell your employer why or for what procedure you are requesting time away for.  Your health history is private and only for yourself to know.

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Do I have to tell my supervisor and coworkers if I am having a breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question.  Your personal healthcare is a private matter between you and your doctor.  It is Protected Health Information (PHI), meaning it is illegal for anyone to force you to disclose the information or for anyone to look up your information without your explicit consent.  
If you choose to have a breast augmentation, my advice is to simply state that you are having surgery and you need to take some time off.  If they require a doctor's note, no problem.  Just have your Plastic Surgeon state that you had surgery and you need time off.  Your surgeon will not say what surgery you had, so no one knows.  Hope this helps, and good luck!

Discretion after breast augmentation

Hello, generally a person's private health information is nobody else's business but in some cases, companies do request that their employees sign a consent for release of information form so they can have permission to get medical reports.  I would suggest clarifying the policies at your business.

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