I'm in need of help from Plastic Surgeons. Does anyone remove skin that is complicating weight loss progress? (Photo)

Hello, I had the gastric bypass in 2010 and I lost 209 pounds with in two successful years. When I got down to 330 pounds I had went to a plastic surgeon to remove the skin on my stomach area. It causes really bad rashes underneath the folds and even the skin under it will split open causing infections. There are times it's causing me harm it's gave me a new hernia, it's pulling on my back, and is keeping me from doing any type of exercise. The belly hang longer on my right side with a lump.

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Removal of excess skin during ongoing weisght loss

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Congratulations on your weight loss and kudos for all of your hard work!  I certainly think there is a roll for interim surgery during ongoing weight loss to help keep you moving forward.  You may be a candidate for a panniculectomy, which removes the hanging skin and fatty tissue at the abdomen.  It may be covered by your insurance, especially if you have a documented hernia which can usually be repaired at the same time.  After recovery, you will hopefully be able to exercise more vigorously and continue with your weight loss journey.  Best wishes as you move forward!

Massive Weight Loss, with Extra Skin.......

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Congratulations on the weight loss!!!!

You sound like the perfect candidate for a paniculectomy.  A paniculectomy is a surgery that removes the overhanging roll of skin from your lower belly.   This is covered by insurance for many patients.   I would recommend finding a plastic surgeon who performs paniculectomies.   then continue with your weight loss!
Good Luck
Dr M

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