Nipple sensation loss after Breast Lift + Implants?

Dear Drs. I hope everyone is doing well. I have had my breast lift + implants (310cc) on 16/6/2016. The thing I am worried about is I have lost the sensation on my left nipple. And my right nipple is over sensitive. Should I be worried? How long would it take for my nipple sensation to come back? I am getting depressed Thanks a lot

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Nipple sensation

These are both known risks of this surgery. It is common to have change/loss of sensation early with most patients recovering sensation as time goes on. Not everyone does. In my experience it can change for up to 18 months or so after surgery. The longer you go with NO new changes, the less likely further changes. If there IS some resolution occurring as time passes by it is more likely to completely/nearly completely resolve. are still early and you will know more as the process continues.

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Nipple sensation

Nipple sensation can be blunted after surgery many times due to swelling. Often this gets better with time.

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Nipple Sensation after Breast lift and Breast Augmentation

Hi x3x,

Thanks for your question. Nipple sensation is variable in all women. Some have some, some have none. There is never any guarantee that you will have nipple sensation after ANY breast surgery because it varies from patient to patient and from side to side. It can be compressed from the implant or cut during surgery. The nerve comes from the 4th rib. Give it time. It may take up to one year. But it may never return. I recommend desensitizing exercises for the one that is overly sensitive. Discuss with your plastic surgeon. Be patient. Feeling pins and needles can be signs that it is returning. Good Luck!

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Nipple Sensation

It can take a year for nipple sensation to normalize after breast lift surgery.  Follow up with your surgeon so that he can monitor your recovery.

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