Mastopexy w/out implants vs exercise create perky breast post kids; I care about perky vs size! What would be my options?(photo)

27 y/o 4'11" was 125 for 3+ yrs to 106 in 2015 post bc removal (haven't been since h.s. i personally feel better being more solid). My breast grew rapidly in h.s. from a to large c in a year then dd the following yrs. 1st pregnancy took them to an e cup. Considered reduction after 1st child then they shrank to c cup (with saggy skin) sagging with 1st child but worst with second. Any exercise options vs augmentation? If not, what would be my options just to have perky natural looking breast?

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Breast Rejuvenation

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Thank you for your question.

After looking at your photos I would recommend a breast lift by itself or a breast lift with an implant (mastopexy/augmentation).  If you choose not to have an implant placed , your breasts will look more lifted and have a natural shape.  If you want to improve your "upper pole fullness" and overall volume, then an implant will be needed.  

Unfortunatly, there are no exercises that will help lift your breasts.  Best of Luck!

Dr. Aaron Smith

There's no way to exercise away extra skin

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At the very least, you could use a breast lift.  That will give you a more youthful shape, but won't add any volume (actually, it will seem like you lost volume).  If you want to re-establish some volume in the upper part of your breast, then add an implant.  This will make you look like you're wearing a push-up without wearing a bra.  That's what a lot of women refer to as "perky."  Adding just an implant is not a good option -- you have too much extra skin.  Good luck!

Perky Breasts

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You cannot exercise your breasts back to perky. The only solution is to have a breast lift, which is called a mastopexy. You should meet with a plastic surgeon who can examine you and then tailor a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Perky breasts after children

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There is no exercise that will give you perky breasts. In your photos you appear to have a moderate amount of breast tissue. A breast lift will elevate your nipples and "perk up" the volume giving a better shape. A lift alone tends to sag somewhat during the healing process (2-4 months) causing a loss of fullness in the upper and upper/midline area. This can be avoided by placing an implant at the same time as the lift. This approach keeps the upper fullness but also will increase your overall breast size. 

You should seek a consultation wth a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate your specific tissues and get a clear understanding of your goals. Good luck. 

Breast augmentation with or without a lift

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your submitted photo and the goals, the procedure that would most benefit you is a breast lift with augmentation to produce beautiful, perky results.  Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and work together to create a surgical plan that tyou are comfortable with and best helps you achieve the size and overall look you desire.

Best regards,
Dr.  Lane F. Smith, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Las Vegas, NV

Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Sadly, no exercise is going to help lift your breasts. As a mother of 3, I wish that there was. You will need either a breast lift to place your breasts higher on your chest, restoring perkiness or a breast lift with an implant if you also would like more volume. I suggest that you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your options.

Mastopexy w/out implants vs exercise create perky breast post kids; I care about perky vs size! What would be my options?

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The only solution to making you have aesthetic breasts is to have a breast lift possibly with implants for projection.  There are no exercises that will shrink the droopy skin and return your breasts to their prepregnancy state.

Thomas Guillot, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift is your best option

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Thank you for your photos and question.  Exercise will not correct the breast appearance.  A breast lift would reposition the breast tissue and place the nipple-areola complex in a more aesthetically pleasing position.  It appears shape and appearance are most important to you, so I would recommend a breast lift (mastopexy).  If you desired larger size down the road, an implant would help add volume (and doing so as a second stage is a good way of doing things).   I hope you achieve the look you desire!
For more information on breast lifts, please visit the link below.

W. Bryant Walker, MD
Jackson Physician

Do Implants or Exercise "lift" a breast.... No they do not.

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No one wants a lift but some woman need them. I think you're unlikely to be satisfied with just an implant, and will either have a lift now or have a 100% chance of having one in the next 5 years if you try just implants. No exercises will lift or improve breast appearance.

This is probably the most common question asked by my cosmetic breast patients with any droopiness or ptosis of their breasts. There is no absolute or correct answer. It depends on your (the patient's) expectations and desires. Just remember the implant needs to be centered directly behind the nipple, so wherever your breasts/nipple sit currently this is approximately where you can expect the implant to be positioned/settle. Breast implants alone simply add volume to your breasts. They do not lift or shape your breasts. If you are happy with the look of your breasts and just want them to be a bit fuller then a breast augmentation alone may work. In my practice, my patient's generally expect superior pole fullness/cleavage and a youthful, perky breast appearance without wearing a push-up bra so I tend to offer more lifts. Most of these patients are initially hesitant about the scarring, when in fact they should be more concerned about breast shape, contour and nipple position. I educated them that scars mature and fade over 6-12 months, when breast shape, contour and nipple position generally don't improve and, may in fact, worsen over time. In my experience you could certainly have an augmentation alone and end up with a "natural" or "matronly" result. You may be perfectly happy and satisfied with your result. However, many of my patients who chose this route then will come back with a horizontal tan line across their chests (above the top of their implants) from a sundress or tube top, asking why when they wear a sundress or top without a bra, their breasts sit low, or do not have superior fullness. I re-explain that the implant must be centered behind their nipple and that generating this superior fullness would require a larger implant combined with a lift. Some elect to have the lift, and others chose to push their breasts up in a bra to generate superior fullness and cleavage. Finally, attempting to avoid a lift by using an extremely large, high or extra high profile implant is a nothing more than a short term Band-Aid, and does not address the root cause/problem (i.e. stretched/lax and excess skin/tissue). This does nothing but postpones the lift for a short period of time and will only lead to further tissue stretch and thinning requiring an even larger lift to fix. Ultimately, this approach generates a much more complex (and expensive) surgical problem just months to a few short years down the road, so I never encourage patients to go with this approach. Some of you may then ask why some surgeons you've seen offer this approach to droopy breasts, typically without discussing the other abovementioned options and each options pros and cons. The truth is that it's far easier and quicker for a surgeon to place a large implant without regard for the durability, or lack thereof, than perform a more technically challenging, and longer, lift procedure.

Significant ptosis cannot be camouflaged by breast augmentation alone.

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I really don't think you'd be pleased by breast augmentation alone. The areola is fairly low on the chest wall and is large in diameter.

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