How long before I see hair?

I had 2,000 FUE grafts (Neograft) six weeks ago. The shaved "donor" area is growing back nicely, with about one centimeter's length already. However... The area where they transplanted the follicles isn't showing much (if any) growth at all. I can see a couple of hairs about one millimeter long, but that's about it. Am I being impatient? I saw my doctor a little over three weeks ago and he said everything looked healthy. I'm just worried that my surgery wasn't a success.

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Hair growth following Neograft

After 3-6 months you may begin to see some hair growth in the transplanted areas but this will just be the beginning.  More hair and thicker hair will start to appear gradually after that. It will take at least a year to see the results of your Neograft procedure (or any hair restoration procedure).
Best of luck!

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#Neograft hair transplantation

Many patients ask this exact question! Hair growth after transplantation varies from patient to patient. You are very early in the process and what you are experiencing is normal. Patients don't have the full effect until at least 6 months (and probably more like 10-12 months after the procedure). It will get better! Best, Dr. M

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Hair regrowth after transplant

After a hair transplant, most patients lose the old hair shafts of the follicles that were transplanted at about 3 weeks. This is normal and expected. Regrowth is determined by where in the growth cycle each follicle was when transplanted. On average, we expect to start seeing early signs of regrowth at 2-3 months. But some follicles may take 6 months or more to start regrowing. So the process requires a great deal of patience. In general, 12 months is considered your final result. So I tell patients to think in terms of 10% regrowth per month between month 2 & 12. For instance, 6 months would be 40%, 9 months  would be 70%, etc. It doesn't come in this exact % per month, but really helps to keep you on track with your expectations and not get stressed unnecessarily.

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Patience is a virtue

You probably wont see any growth until about 3-6 months and it will come in as little "baby hairs". You wont see any significant growth until about 6-12 months. This is totally common and it sounds like your surgery was a complete success. I hope this helps.

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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Hair Growth after NeoGraft

It takes 3-4 months to start seeing some growth. After the follicles are transplanted, they will go into a dormant state, and the hairs inside them will fall off. Do not get scared during this normal shedding phase, the hair will fall off but not the hair follicle which is what matters. In 3-4 months then the new hair will start to grow.
There are things that I perform during and/or immediately after the transplant to try to decrease the chances of shedding of the old hair in the follicles and keep it in a growing stage. I use PRP/plasma during the procedure and also have patients use low level light therapy immediately after the transplant to try to continuously stimulate the hair follicles. Patience...Patience... it usually takes 9-12 months to see the final results. Good luck!

How long before I see hair?

When will you see hair following a hair transplant? Excellent question. However, I'm surprised that you weren't told what to expect during your consultation. Typically, there is a dormant stage for the grafts that ranges from three months to about a year. After being grafted, the hairs in the grafts fallout, and some of the new hairs begin to grow at about 3 to 4 months. However, the dormant stage varies according to the follicles. On average about 50% of the hairs have started growing by six months and 95% at 12 months. Maximum density will be seen at a year and a half

With that said, and six months you will see a significant amount of hair growth and increased density.

I have found that in many cases when the patient is in the 30's or early 40's many of the hairs do not fallout at all. This is particularly true when the graphs are performed rapidly and not sitting on the table in a solution for a long period of time before being placed in the recipient site.

Relax. You will begin to feel the small hairs growing at about 3 to 4 months. Six weeks is way too early t start worrying. Thank you for your question.

How long for hair growth after NeoGraft hair transplants?

  • If you are only 6 weeks out from the procedure and your hair has not grown much-- then everyting is probably completely normal!!!!
  • NeoGraft has a VERY high success rate and in our practice at WESTMED NeoGraft, we have had no patients with major failures.  Most of the hair grows in nicely.
  • With 2000 grafts, you should see a major improvement.
  • Listen to your doctor. It does take time. Hair grows then sheds over the the first few months, then regrows and STAYS!.
  • I tell our patients that 9- 12 months is the real time frame for significant regrowth, though some lasting growth can occur by 6 months.
Best of luck in a great result.

Michael Suzman, MD
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Hair growth after Neograft

It is still very early. It takes 6-12 months for you to see your hair fully grow. Don't feel discouraged, you will see it grow.

Robert G. Aycock, MD
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NeoGraft hair growth

Congratulations on your procedure. You  chose an excellent choice for hair restoration.
I typically see shedding of the new hairs between 1-3 months. After this period your new hair will begin to grow. Each month your will notice more growth. Your true end result won't be for 12-18 months. 
There are several ways to help speed up the process. We like to use PRP , laser caps, and hair products that contain copper. Stay hydrated and taking a biotin supplement will also help with your hair process.
Best of Luck to you!

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Around 6 months

It takes 6-9 months to have a good look at your final result. Initially the grafted shafts will be well visible. Over time, they will shed and be replaced by a new shaft. The grafts will do this at variable time. In 1-3 months, the shays will shed and you will wonder f they were lost. This is normal. Rogaine, PRP, or laser therapy can expedite the process. Hope you get a great result!

Michael S. Beckenstein, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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