Labiaplasty; I think the doctor took too much off? (Photos)

I think the doctor took yo much off and see it on the sides it dry and hurt and my husband hates me for it I think he made it way to short or none at all can it be fix like I have more lips or am I hopeless scar for ever please help

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You had an aggressive labiaplasty

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The photos are not very clear, but there appears to be very little labial tissue present. I don't think it's healed poorly, just aggressively resected. It's important to discuss how much you want taken off when discussing with your surgeon beforehand.

When labiaplasty outcomes are not what was desired

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your only option is to allow yourself to heal completely and then discuss your concerns with your surgeon (if you still have confidence in him/her and your surgeon is experienced) and if you are not getting anywhere, consider getting a second opinion from whom the surgeon's consider the gurus of labiaplasty.  I personally will not trim a labia shorter than a cm.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty: Too much removed?

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I am sorry about the mismatch between what you expected or hoped for and the result you have. The length of the labia after labiaplasty varies according to the desires of the patient and/or the technique and preferences of the surgeon. 

Six months or longer after surgery, if you are symptomatic and unhappy, you could consider getting a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist with experience in female genital plastic surgeon. A revision or reconstruction of the labia is typically a much more difficult procedure than an initial labiaplasty, and no surgery can bring back what you had, but an experienced surgeon can evaluate you and determine what options you might have. 

For more information, click on the link below.

Heather J. Furnas, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Too much gone after labiaplasty

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I am sorry you are having these issues. There are techniques to "put " tissue back on, but its ususally taken from the clitoral hood. Its unclear wheter you have enough to do this. I am also unsure of exactly the procedure done, as the pictures don't clearly show this. Nothing is better than an in person exam. Go back and see your surgeon, and if no help try to find a second opinion. Many times ointments and lubrication can help with any pain.

Eric Weiss MD

Eric Weiss, MD, FACS
Orange Park Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty and over resection

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It is critical to review specific goals with your surgeon prior to any procedure. That being said, the labia can be over- resected and cause discomfort.  The dryness may be treated with ointments temporarily and may resolve with time. If you feel unhappy with your results with respect to the appearance,  discuss this with your surgeon to determine reconstruction options.

Warm regards,

Dr. Pedy Ganchi                                                                                                                                                        Village Plastic Surgery

Pedy Ganchi, MD
Ridgewood Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty; I think the doctor took too much off?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear your results have not been what you anticipated.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination, or full series of pictures, it appears that your surgeon removed the majority of your labia minora tissue.  Reconstruction may be possible but it is not clear whether you have excess clitoral hood tissue that can be used.  See a labiaplasty specialist in consultation, they can discuss your treatment options.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 80 reviews

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