I had labia reduction on August 22 2016. Will it always hurt during sex?

Will it always hurt having sex since she took to much off

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Pain following labiaplasty

is not anticipated as long as your lubrication is normal.  If you have tender spots along your scar, you should inform your surgeon and be evaluated for possible causes and management.  I personally will not shorten a labia less than a cm in height and if you have less than this, consider getting a second opinion if your surgeon insists you look fine and see if anything can be done to help you improve your outcome.

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Does pain after labiaplasty last this long?

It is unusual to have pain with sex after the labia have had sufficient time to heal. It's best to discuss your symptoms with your surgeon. 

If you think she might have removed too much, you might consider getting a second opinion. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist with experience in female genital plastic surgery. 

It is possible to have pain with intercourse if too much has been removed, and reconstruction can be difficult, so surgeon choice is extremely important.

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I had labia reduction on August 22 2016. Will it always hurt during sex?

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having post operatively.  Long standing pain post operatively should not occur with labiaplasty procedures and if present should be evaluated by your surgeon. During the reduction of labia tissue, there is a chance that the tissue is sutured together on too much tension which can cause some discomfort. Your surgeon should be able to perform an exam and see if this is the cause or evaluate what may potentially be the cause of your pain. 

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Sexual pain after labiaplasty is rare. You need to be examined.

Sexual pain is extremely rare after a properly conducted labiaplasty. You need an examination to see exactly  where the source of the pain lies and to determine what would be needed to alleviate it.

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I had labia reduction on August 22 2016. Will it always hurt during sex?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your issues following labiaplasty surgery.  Because a significant reduction in the size of the labia minora can lead to dryness, friction, and pain it would be best to use lubrication to assist with sex.  Talk to your surgeon about your results and anticipated effects, they are your best source of information and reassurance.

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