Hematoma and constriction?

8 days post op. Mentor HP 450 under muscle. Top Right breast has a 3" oval "squishy" spot. No major bruising, nipple feels like it's being pinched & vibrates. can't reach as well as with left arm... 2" extension difference. I know asymmetry is normal but the pain level is constant in the right and i can't drive w my right arm. Pain radiates down into bicep. I do have a history of rotator cuff repair and suffered from adhesive capsulitis(frozen shoulder).Call placed to PS

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Hematoma and constriction?

You do not appear to have a hematoma although it would be good to get checked out by your plastic surgeon to make sure. Often when implants are first placed, the muscles pulls the implants up because it is tight. As the muscles relaxes, the implant "drops" which means the implant moves down to its permanent position. If the implant is tight this may take awhile. To me, high profile implants seem more prone to doing this. Eventually this phase will pass. Your plastic surgeon can reassure you on this and perhaps show you some implant massage techniques that will help this.

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History of capsulitis....

Thanks for sharing. I don't see evidence of hematoma or capsule contracture in the photos, although the view of the breasts is quite limited. Perhaps because of your history of capsulitis a prophylactic 6 weeks with Singulair or Accolate might be something you can speak to your surgeon about. Be sure to follow up and get help about your concerns.

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Hematoma and constriction?

This may be the upper edge of the implant.  However it is best that she see your plastic surgeon in person for an examination to rule out a hematoma.

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