Is this extra tissue surrounding my vaginal opening normal? (photos)

I am 32, petite and this makes me self conscience about sex and my appearance, also my partner has a very large penis and due to a hormonal balance and having a barcelonian cyst in my duct removed its sometimes very hard to get or to remain lubricated

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You've got a hymenal tag

The small fingerlike tissue that protrudes from the vagina is a hymenal tag. It's unrelated to your lifestyle or hormones. It's normal and requires nothing, but if you want it removed, it's a quick office procedure.

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Extra tissue surrounding the vagina

Thank you for your questions and accompanied photographs. As noted, the tissue that protrudes beyond the vaginal opening is hymenal tissue. That can be very easily removed in the office. The bulging area on the posterior side of your vagina however appears to be a rectocele. Rectocele (prolapse of the rectum into the vagina) can cause symptoms of chronic constipation, a vaginal bulge sensation and decreased sensation/friction with intercourse. If you are symptomatic of the rectocele, that can be corrected surgically and the hymenal tissue would be removed at the same time. 

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Self conscious about Sex due to appearance and decreased lubrication

Thank you for your post with photos. Sorry to hear that sex is no longer what it was before. The extra tissue surrounding the entrance to your vagina are hymenal tags. More concerning though, is the vaginal prolapse that you have since I clearly see a rectocele. Having had a Bartholin's Duct excision you will notice less lubrication, but your vaginal relaxation and associated decreased sexual pleasure will also contribute to your less than optimal sexual response. Once you undergo your vaginal rejuvenation you will respond more like you did before having had children.

Many women see their gynecologists with these concerns and will be told that they are "normal" and discouraged from having surgery. They go on living for years with lousy sex waiting for things to get worse before someone is willing to operate on them. You need to consult with a reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon, preferably a urogynecologist, experienced in vaginal rejuvenation. You should NOT see a general gynecologist whose main focus isn't pelvic surgery and you should NOT see a plastic surgeon who doesn't have the additional years of training in vaginal surgery.

Below is a link with additional information that should help you find the best surgeon for you.

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