Getting conflicting info about exercise! When can I resume with over the muscle implants? When can I start to wear bras? (Photo)

Alot of info on exercise I have read pertains to under the muscle placement. Im 1 month po with overs...WHEN and WHAT can I do? before, I worked out 4 times/wk, 40% cardio and 60% heavy lifting. My PS said I could resume asap after surgery but I thought this was too soon! Plus, I didnt feel I was ready. Another PS in the office said moderate exercise, no cardio, lift weights up to 20lbs? isnt any exercise cardio? Is it ok to wear a sports bra now? My PS is a "no bra" type of guy after surgery.

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Post op exercise

You should follow the advice of  your surgeon. He best knows your particular situation. After all, if you trusted him enough to allow him to operate on you, you should trust his post operative guidelines.

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At 1 month post op you are probably good to resume exercise now.  It is important to wear a very supportive sports bra while working out.  Let pain be your guide when you resume your work out regimen.  You should be fine to start back into it now, but start light and work your way up, don't pick up right where you left off before you had surgery.

If you would like more information regarding breast augmentation and the recovery process, you can download a free copy of my breast augmentation planner at 

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Post-op care

I think that you need to ask your surgeon because everyone is different.  I usually allow patients to go back to light duty within a few days.

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Getting conflicting info about exercise! When can I resume with over the muscle implants? When can I start to wear bras?

I appreciate your question.

Please follow your surgeon's advice as he/she is most familiar with how you are healing at this time.  Your surgeon should also have a detailed set of post op instructions for you to follow where this information would be listed.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

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Your surgeon, who has examined you and knows how well you are healing, is the best one to tell you when and what activities you may resume. Most women have no restrictions at 6 weeks. Please follow your surgeon's advice about bras. Every surgeon has his/her preference about bras.

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Exercise after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question, and congratulations on your breast augmentation!  You look great.  Every doctor has their own post-operative care regimen, and the most important thing is to follow what your surgeon has told you.  I usually advise no cardio for 2 weeks, and no chest weights for 4 weeks.  This can vary depending on the particular patient, particular technique, and each individual recovery process.  Best of luck with your continued recovery!  

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Getting conflicting info about exercise.

The best advice will come from your surgeon as only he has direct contact with you and knows how your recovery is progressing. Each of us have our own routines and we like support bras right after. Let your surgoen have a look at what you choose.

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Different opinions about exercise

It seems that most plastic surgeons have their own thoughts as to postop garments after breast augmentation as well as when can vigorous activity be resumed. I would stick with what your plastic surgeon recommends. Good luck.

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Getting conflicting info about exercise! When can I resume with over the muscle implants? When can I start to wear bras?

You should ONLY follow the advise of your chosen operative surgeon, no matter what!...................

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Ever surgeon has their post op routine after #breastaugmentation

Everyone is different and has different postop restrictions based on their technique, implant selection, patient population and hopefully your anatomy. I tend to be more strict than what many post, as most of my patients tend to overdo it, but you trusted your surgeon to do your surgery, so trust him/her to give you the post op care and activity restriction that delivered the result photos you reviewed pre op. They have a vested interest in your results! Contact them for clairification. I attached a link with my postop care instructions (Main Menu--Procedures--Breast Augmentation--Post-op care) Best of luck. 

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