Should U Do Different CCs in Breast if the Difference in Natural Breast is Slight? (photo)

I am 4 weeks tomorrow and I can still tell a slight difference because of the different ccs. It looks like I will have more cleavage in one or will this change. Left breast has 375ccs and right has 400ccs mod plus profile silicone gel under muscle. I left it up to the PS in surgery because I assumed he would know best. But there was slight difference in natural I never could tell, but now I can. After they settle will they look closer to same?

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Breast asymmetry can be about shape as well as size.

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1)  You have a pretty good result, even though one breast is somewhat larger.  More importantly, one nipple is higher than the other.  Live with your breasts for several months.  You may well decide that they are good enough.

2)  If not, symmetry can be improved with a revision.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Choosing different size implants with slight natural asymmetry

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At only 4 weeks out from surgery, it's too soon to worry about asymmetry and from your photo, it appears that what you are experiencing is very slight.  No one has perfectly symmetrical breasts so it is normal to have a slight difference in shape and/or size.  When you get implants, it tends to magnify any differences you had prior to your surgery, so I typically point out any differences at the consultation and let my patients know what to expect.  The 25cc difference in your implants is also very small, about 5 teaspoons.  Your breasts will change a bit over the next few months so try to be patient and re-evaluate at that time.  Make sure to follow up with your PS so your recovery can be followed closely.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Modest asymmetry is the rule not the exception with breast volume.

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I cannot see a discernible difference in volume of the breasts from the photograph provided. Breasts with and without implants almost always have slight asymmetry. If the breasts are soft I would do nothing further.

Breast asymmetry

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Any asymmetry of the breast and also nipple-areolar orientation is magnified by augmentation. The left nipple-areolar complex is more lateral then the right in your photo, and that is probably evident on your pre-op photos. The asymmetry might improve with time , you need to follow this up with your plastic surgeon for 6 to 12 months.

Terry A. Cromwell, MD (retired)
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

Should U Do Different CCs in Breast if the Difference in Natural Breast is Slight? (photo)

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The posted photo is most likely the result. To me the volume looks very close but the shapes are different. 

Early asymmetry following a breast augmentation

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We all have to use our best judgement when it comes to selecting the right implant size especially when using two different sized implants.  The Vectra 3 D imagaing system takes some or most of the guess work out of the equation.  You are still very early and your result will change over time.  Re assess in  6 months and see if your symmetry improves.  

Concerns about Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

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Whether or not a plastic surgeon chooses to use different volumes/profiles to improve breast asymmetry,  is basically a judgment call. I am sure your plastic surgeon was using his best judgment in order to achieve the best results possible for you.

As you know, given that you are only 4 weeks out of surgery, your breasts will likely change over the course of the next several months. Whether or not the symmetry improves, is impossible to predict.

However, given that some degree of breast asymmetry is to be expected, despite best efforts, I would suggest that you do your best to accept the results achieved and avoid additional surgery ( assuming you feel that the breast asymmetry is “slight” in the long term).

In other words, understanding that absolute symmetry of the breasts are almost never achieved with or without surgery ( including revisionary breast surgery), you will likely be best off leaving well enough alone.

Remember, also that additional surgery carries additional risk/potential complications.
I hope these thoughts,  and the attached link, help.

Should U Do Different CCs in Breast if the Difference in Natural Breast is Slight?

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Typically if there is a noticeable  difference, most surgeons would prefer different size implants. But this is not an exact science. This single photo isn't enough to assess if the breasts are even, but it looks to me like the left breast is larger. 

4 weeks is too early to assess symmetry. The pectoral muscles need 3 months or so to relax and accommodate to the new implants. 

Patience. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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