Breast reduction 1 year ago and noticing white stuff coming out of incision holes. Still have holes from surgery.

White thick stuff coming out of incision holes a year after breast reduction surgery and incision holes are still open and they hurt

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Healing After Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne, Florida

Any time there is a concern regarding your healing, incision, or drainage from the incision, I highly recommend you be seen by your board-certified plastic surgeon for evaluation.  This is the quickest way to either deal with a problem or rest easy knowing it will resolve on its own, whichever the case I recommend you call your surgeon and be seen.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Best of luck!

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Unhealed incision 1 yr post reduction, with exudate

Without pictures, I cannot answer your question.  It is certainly reasonable to expect your incisions to be healed this long after surgery.  There are several possible explanations, but your surgeon would know for sure whether you are spitting sutures or have fat necrosis below the incision that needs to be removed.  If it is not infected, then the fix should be minor, and only your surgeoncan do it

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