Are Severe Lines Beginning at Temple Normal? Also Does This Picture Show Skin Necrosis? (photo)

I am 10 days post op SMAS, corrigator resection and fat transfer to frown lines and above lip. I now have severe backwards crows feet at each temple area since my face lift. This is a sure sign I have had something done. This looks abnormal to me and I need a professional to give their opinion. What can be done above this now. Also you can see redness, purple area near ear that has an small area of dry patchy skin that almost looks shiny and blistered. Is this skin necrosis?

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Face lift

Although very early but extremely bad results. The vector of pull is not right, Limited ameteurish dissection caused the lines at the temple, lines at the jaw line and cheeck are improper.

The most important I think you are right you have an area of skin necrosis and around it, the red area is areas of vascular compromise. You need to see a QUALIFIED Plastic surgeon today, May need to open few sutures on the right to releasr tension and decrease the chances of skin necrosis. Use a vasodialator cream on the skin to promote blood flow.


Later you will need a complete redo for the face lift to correct the other and resulting problems


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Are Severe Lines Beginning at Temple Normal? Also Does This Picture Show Skin Necrosis?

Most importantly, it does appear that you have some compromise of the skin in front of your left ear. I recommend that you return to your facelift surgeon immediately for evaluation. There is also some swelling in front and below your left ear that might represent a hematoma/ seroma. Again, I recommend that you have this evaluated now. With regard to the lines that concern you around your temple this appears to be bunching of the skin resulting from the lift. This will likely improve with time as you heal and the edema settles. Please post followup to let us know how you're recovering. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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10 Days after SMAS facelift and Concerns for Necrosis

   There may be a poorly healing area as you suggest.  In addition, there is some gathering of the skin, which will probably improve with time.  The plastic surgeon should always look at an area of possible skin necrosis.  Kenneth Hughes, MD  facelift Los Angeles, CA

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Facelift results

You may be experiencing some skin that is not healing well.  It is best to be followed by your surgeon. As for the skin by your earlobe, it looks like you may have had a short scar procedure and the skin was not adequately re-draped.

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Severe Lines After Facelift

It looks like you may be experiencing a small patch of skin necrosis. You need to see your plastic surgeon and start basic wound care on the area - it should heal fine. Ask about the possiblity of hyperbaric oxygen as well.  As far as the crow's feet region, wait until the healing process has been completed.

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Skin healing problems and necrosis after Facelift

You clearly have skin compromise in the temple region. It is unclear from your photo and without an exam this is a full thickness injury (generally referred to as "necrosis" , or superficial which will resolve without scarring (superficial epidermolysis).  Both of these are far more common in patients who smoke or use nicotine products.

Most important is close and often follow up with your surgeon.

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Severe Lines After SMAS Facelift

It is generally uncommon to be experiencing these early complications. You should check-in with your surgeon as soon as possible.

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