Can Invisalign Fix my Open Bite and Improve Profile? (photo)

Hi, 36 YO Male considering invisalign. I am happy with the straightness of my teeth but have an open bite, which is caused by forward protruding teeth (top/bottom) that causes a bit of a convex profile. I would like to close my bite and pull my teeth back so my lips don't protrude so much. I have all 4 wisdom teeth. I am not open minded to traditional braces, so I would like to know if invisalign can do what I want, and if so, what can I expect with profile improvement?

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Invisalign CAN Close Your Open Bite

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Yes, Invisalign is an effective way to bring back your front teeth and close the anterior open bite. This should bring back your profile look as well. You probably have a tongue thrust which caused the open bite, and you will need to wear strong retainers forever.

New York Dentist

Invisalign is effective at closing an anterior open bite.

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While your photos do not show much of the posterior (back) teeth, I believe invisalign is an effective choice of treatment to close your anterior (front) open bite. A full evaluation and records need to be done first and you will be able to see an animation of the tooth movement that is projected to take place in the ClinCheck Plan.

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