What's the process of turning natural Ds with moderate drooping to large Cs with implants?

33 year old mother of 3 no breastfeeding

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Breast Lift & Augmentation


Thank you for your question. Typically, deflated and drooping breasts can be improved with a combination of lift and implant placement. You would not be able to decrease your cupsize without a breast reduction as well.

I recommend that you meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation so that they can speak with you about your goals, examine you and then make recommendations.

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What's the process of turning natural Ds with moderate drooping to large Cs with implants?

Though breast implants definitely provide fullness and can improve contour, the necessity of removing breast tissue to replace that volume with an implant is questionable in my opinion.  If you develop problems with the implants and if they may have to be removed you may be much smaller than you ever wished to be or if you develop capsule contracture or other complications from a possibly unnecessary implant would you regret having proceeded.  If you feel the risks are worthwhile then breast reduction accompanying an uplift with placement of a modest sized implant may be your best alternative.  Meet with several ABPS board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options and best wishes.

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A breast lift and slight reduction without an implant would be a good option.  You already have volume so typically there is no need to add an implant.  Best wishes, Dr. T

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What's the process of turning natural Ds with moderate drooping to large Cs with implants?

Thank you for your excellent question. Though nothing replaces an in-person examination of your breast skin and tissues your narrative is describing a breast augmentation and simultaneous lift/reduction procedure.  Your desired implant size is first placed within a surgically created breast pocket before any excess breast skin is removed in order to achieve a firmer, more elevated breast and nipple appearance.  Hope this helps.

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Breast reduction/ lift and Breast augmenation

Thank you for your question. The best option is to find a board certified plastic surgeon who is a member of ASAPS in your area for a consultation. Your surgeon can examine you and discuss all the available options. This being said if a patient comes in who is a "Droopy D" and wants to be a "Full C with implants", the best option is to perform a breast reduction/ breast lift and a breast augmentation. Many times these procedures can safely be performed at the same time. Other times, depending on your health history, quality of skin and other factors, these operations are performed in two stages. This is something your surgeon can determine at your consultation. Good luck.

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