I had liposculpture. I had a massage today because I have liquid pockets. This is my 3rd one since I've been home.

After my massage and i made it home i noticed a HUGH KNOT in my side its bigger than a softball... i immediately put my faja on and applied my waist garment that i purchased for the clinic... I'm thinking something must have burst... is this normal? I'm not in any pain but i am scared.. What should i do Dr McAdoo i tried calling the clinic but the emergency number isn't on the recording... Do liquid pockets burst is this normal i live in Louisiana.. please respond anyone that msy know about this

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Seromas are common after liposculpture and can be treated with drainage in the office.  Continue to wear your compression garment and try to minimize being over active.  Discuss this with your surgeon. 


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Thank you for your question. It is very important to put on your post op garment and to contact your surgeon for an appointment.Best of luck 

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Liquid Pockets Bursting -- Is this a Seroma?

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See your physician, wear compression for now. consider lymphatic massage and RF treatments often.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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