I have had braces for a very long time now, I didn't take care of them like I should have. Any suggestions?

I am from the Louisiana area and I desperately need help. Most of the teeth are decaying at the gum line and We cannot find a dentist that will remove the braces so I can get the teeth fixed.

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Here is what I would do if I were you.

If your teeth just have decay around the gum line any dentist should be able to patch them up with fillings.  If they are between the teeth it makes doing the fillings a lot more difficult.  If you can find a dentist who will do the fillings ask them for a prescription Prevident 5000.  It is a high fluoride toothpaste that will slow further cavity formation and protect the fillings.  Prevident is not a "cure all".   You will still get more cavities without proper hygiene (Floss, Brush, Mouthwash).  There is a floss that they sell at Walmart and other drug stores called "Super Floss" by oral B that has a built-in floss threader to help get under the wire and floss your teeth.

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