Are my symptoms normal 8 weeks after Eyelid Surgery?

Throughout the day eyes start pulling having pains in one eye and above eyebrow and below eye bone. Are these normal?

I had lower bleph 8 weeks ago. I also have pains above the eyebrow and on the bone below my eye. I also told him I was not worried about puffiness, just lower wrinkles. Apparently, this type of surgery only makes the wrinkles worse, which it has. My lowers are now hollow and have a bunch of skin wrinkled up if I smile. Before surgery he said it was such an easy recovery in 7-10 days. The next visit he said I needed a month. I haven't been to the 2 month visit yet but I have no trust in him.

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Photos would be very helpful to understand what is going on.

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You may have dry eye after eyelid surgery.  That can cause a lot of discomfort.  Consider seeing a general ophthalmologist to assess you for this.  It also sounds like you have many other issues from this surgery.  It is true that things do tend to get better over time.  However, it is important to determine if the pain is related to dry eye because there is immediate treatment for this, it will make you much more comfortable and it will reduced the risk of corneal break down.

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