My teeth are horrible I can't even smile I'm 35 years old. Can I get help any kind of way? Really want dental implants (Photos)

I really want dental implants but everyone keeps telling me I can't afford them. My question is there some kinda grant program something that would be able to help me. My teeth kill me every day and I have even gotten to writing the President it seems like I can't get no straight answer or help any where. Can anyone help me. I do live on SSI and Disability. If anyone can help me please let me know. I'm welling to do whatever it takes to get my smile back.

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Dental Implants may help you.

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Dental implants are a good option to help recreate your smile. Most clinics that offer dental implants as a treatment offer different financing options to make the overall investment  more affordable.The removal of your teeth and replacement with dental implants can cure any pain, difficulties eating, and bone resorption. 

Cost of dental implants

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you might be able to afford dental implants of they are done by resdients at a university setting 

You have to keep in mind that the procedures will take longer, and will be done by dental specialty residents who are working under supervision

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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