Why does my silicone breast implant have indenting on left side and looks like it is sitting on chest wall? (Photo)

I have indenting running along side of breast on left side, getting worse. Feels weird and is painful. Breast is not hard. Also you can tell I have an indention under breast on both sides where mammary fold is. Also getting much uglier. Really unhappy and worried. Any idea what this could be? indentions on the side of my breast you can't really see in my photos but it is getting worse. I also have one in the auxiliary area near Under Arm. Please help!!!

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Silicone implants

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These are characteristics of silicone implants that everyone denies exist and or don't warn you about.  Everyone that pushes silicone either is not seeing their patients after surgery or they just ignore the problems.

Problems with breast shape after implants

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It looks like you may have had a significant amount of breast sagging before your surgery, although it is impossible to know without seeing preoperative pictures. What you are seeing in some of the pictures is the breast tissue falling over the implant due to the loose skin. This can only be improved with a breast lift procedure. I don't see other indentations on your breast so I don't know if this is something different or just from the same issue.

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