Is it safe to have the Intragastric balloon then liposuction? Ideally I want to lose about 40 pounds.

I'm 5'3 and 176 pounds is my average weight.

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Lose weight with Intragastric balloon and liposuction

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LIPOSUCTION is   not a treatment   for   weight loss,  and  the  gastric   balloon   has   the  only medical indication for  patients  how  are  super  obese   with  high  risk, and  with   the  balloon   they   only  loss  10 to 30 pounds at  much    to prepare them to  have  a  definitive procedure  like , duodenal   switch,  gastric  sleeve, or   gastric   bypass.but  your  better  option   is   do  exercise and have   follow up with   the  nutritionist.

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