Getting rid of mons pubis.

Would cool sculpting and varus help it go down and not have loose skin.

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Getting rid of mons pubis?

Thank you for sharing your question.  The best way to reduce the size of the mons pubis is to pursue liposuction of the area.  This can be done safely with an in-office procedure under tumescent anesthesia.  If your skin is of good quality and lacking of stretch marks, you should not be left with loose skin.  

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Getting rid of mons pubis, best way?

hard to tell without a in person exam but liposuction under local would probably give much better results at a better price, good luck!!

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Lipo and monsplasty are the gold standard mons pubis procedures

Without a photo I can't tell you which of these would be best for you. Nonetheless, I practice in the ultra competitive NYC area where results have to be over the top excellent and word spreads fast. Cool sculpting failures are a significant source of lipo and monsplasty referrals in my practice.

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Mons Pubis Reduction

Thanks for your great question. I can only answer in general terms since you did not provide a photo, but the best option for reduction of a large mons is liposculpture. THis can be performed as an in-office procedure under tumescent anesthesia (local). A risk with non-surgical modalities is leaving you with loose skin.

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